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More turnover through sustainability and social commitment together with your customers. Collect donations in your own shop with the FairGeben plugin. With the plugin, customers have the option of rounding up the amount due in the check-out and donating the money to a non-profit project of their choice. The amount is suggested by us depending on the amount in the shopping basket and can be adjusted by customers themselves. As a shop owner, you can decide what you want to support: Climate protection, tree planting projects, educational projects, emergency aid in the Ukraine, etc. Here you can have a look at our nonprofit partners: https://www.e-don.de/projektpool. The installation is done in a few steps and takes no longer than 30 minutes. Great for you: By integrating the donation plugin, more customers complete the purchase, even if they don't donate, and your sales increase (approx. 1.5-3.9%). Take your customers with you and take the first step today to make your shop a social and sustainable shopping experience.
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