plentyMarketplace is the new platform for distributing software extensions for plentymarkets developed by plentymarkets or external authors.

For some time, we have been developing the new plugin technology , creating completely new opportunities for sellers and development partners. We want to make plugins easily accessible for users and partners to ensure that everyone can benefit from the advantages the new technology offers. As a result, we created a platform that is easy to use by sellers and partners and brings them together.
We have added a project board where you can easily find the right partner for all your business projects.
Your advantage: You don’t have to spend time finding an agency, instead you can choose from several tailored offers from certified partners.

In this new section of the plentyMarketplace, you can advertise specific projects for your business. From system setup through to the development of individual plugins to redesigning your online store, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. In no time, you will receive an offer by a qualified partner so you save time and can pick the solution that suits you best.

Option 1

It is possible to log into plentyMarketplace via button click under Plugins » Plugin overview as well as under Plugins » plentyMarketplace without entering your credentials. This feature is available in the centralised login.

Option 2

Proceed as follows to log into your account on plentyMarketplace. You need the login credentials of your plentymarkets system. This can be your plentyID or the email address of the My Account area.

Logging into plentyMarketplace:
  1. Go to the plentyMarketplace homepage.
  2. Click on Login in the upper right corner.
    → The login window opens.
  3. Enter your login credentials.
  4. Click on Login.
    → You are logged into your plentyMarketplace account.
You must have a plentymarkets 7 system. Learn how to switch to plentymarkets 7 here: Migration-Guide.
You must use the new plentymarkets back end Terra. Plugins can only be accessed via Terra and will not work in the Classic back end or in the Client.
In order to fully take advantage of plugins in your online store, you need to use the new Ceres online store. Our plugin technology unfortunately is not backwards compatible. However, there are also plugins that are independent from your shop, such as marketplaces or fulfilment plugins. It is possible for everyone to use those as long as they fulfil the above prerequisites.
Plugins developed by plentymarkets (such as Ceres and PayPal) and plugins from external authors will be available in the plentyMarketplace. plentymarkets will offer full support for plugins developed by plentymarkets (support will be available just as you know it from former plentymarkets features), whereas plugins developed by external authors will be supported by the authors themselves. In order to enable a quick and easy support experience, our development partners will also have access to our forum and can directly react to your concerns. Furthermore, support information will also be accessible in the plugin item in the plentyMarketplace.
1. Let us know about it in the forum! We are very interested to hear about your ideas and suggestions. How and when a plugin will be developed by plentymarkets or by an external author depends on additional factors (demand, feedback, added value, etc.).
2. Create an enquiry in plentyProjects! On the project board, you can easily find developers who will design a plugin according to your wishes and specifications.
2. In addition, plentyProjects offers a broad range of customer enquiries you can realise in close partnership with individual contracts.
Offer your plugins on plentyMarketplace. Currently, you are able to offer plugins for a fixed price and all clients. We are working on subscriptions and client-dependent plugins and will keep you updated. In addition, the project board offers a broad range of customer enquiries which you can realise in dialogue with the offering party.
To purchase plugins, you have to be registered with PayPal Marketplaces.

Signing up with PayPal Marketplace:
  1. Go to the Partner Portal.
  2. Go to PayPal Onboarding.
  3. Click on the link Sign up for PayPal.
    → You are forwarded to PayPal, where you complete the sign-up process.
We have our own developer documentation here or talk to our devs directly on the plentymarkets forum . You can also get a test version of plentymarkets here . In case you have any other questions, you can talk to our partner management team directly.
The following plugin categories are available:
Id Name
3881 Marketplaces
3885 Online stores
3880 Price comparisons
4086 Marketing
4087 Pricing
4089 Reporting & Analytics
3518 Themes
4091 ShopBuilder Widgets
3527 Widgets
4090 Store Enhancements
4092 Product Reviews
4093 Item-Content
4094 Legal
4083 Payment Integrations
4085 Fraud & Credit Check
4084 Accounting & Finance
4082 Shipping
4080 Address Verification
4081 Order & Warehouse Management
3888 Support
3889 Setup
3890 Hardware
4088 plenty Tools
4342 News & Updates
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