plentymarkets recommends
  • [Beta] AddressCheck

    The Address plugin for PlentyMarkets

  • ActionMix | Shopbuilder | Structure | Full Width

    This is a full width structure Widget for the Shop Builder.

  • Advent calendar widget

    Advent calendar widget for ceres

  • Article Availability Notification

    The Commerce4 Notifications Plugin automatically adds a form to sold out articles which allows customers to leave their e-mail address. As soon as the article is back in stock the signed up customers will be notified via e-mail.

  • billiger.de Tracking

    Adds the billiger.de conversion-tracking to the thank-you page

  • Blog

    The official blog plugin developed by plentymarkets. Display blog posts in your online store.

  • Call to Action widget

    This plugin adds a widget to display an image with text overlay and a call to action to the Shop Builder

  • Category Tabs Widget

    This plugin adds a Category Tabs Widget to the Shop Builder

  • Come back!

    Come back!

  • ContactCard

    ContactCard - Displaying contact data in the online store.

  • Container popup

    This plugin adds a configurable popup with a plugin container.

  • Container widget

    This plugin adds a widget to display the homepage container to the Shop Builder

  • CookieBar

    Plugin for displaying EU compliant cookies information

  • Crossselling article lists for the product page

    This plugin allows you to display all types of cross selling products as article lists on the product page

  • Custom CSS/JS in frontend

    CSS/JavaScript Extension for Ceres

  • Custom Maintenance Mode

    ✔ Custom maintenance mode ✔ URL Redirects ✔ Configure each client separately

  • CustomContent Plugin

    Integrates your content into the container of your choice

  • Customer Class HomePage

    Customer Class Homepage is a simple plugin which helps you to assign the content of the start page to different customer classes.

  • Customer feedback

    The official feedback plugin developed by plentymarkets. Display customer reviews in your online store.

  • Display Callisto Item Properties

    Display Callisto Item Properties is a simple plugin that helps you to display Callisto item properties in the item view using container linking.

  • Easy Frame

    Displaying iFrames in template containers.

  • EkomiFeedback

    With our official eKomi Plugin for Plentymarkets, you can now seamlessly integrate our eKomi review collection and display technology with your shop system and website. Automatically trigger the sending of a review request the moment an order has reached a predefined status, and display any product reviews received automatically on the corresponding product pages with our review container. This allows you to generate and display genuine client reviews, all while we syndicate your seller ratings to Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • 30-days free
    Energie Label

    ermöglicht die rechtskonforme Umsetzung der Energieverbrauchskennzeichnung von Produkten. Dabei können Werte aus der Artikelverwaltung dynamisch in die Labels gedruckt werden. Alternativ können Sie Bilder verwenden, die notwendige Angaben bereits enthalten.

  • Enhanced Structured Data

    Enhanced Structured Data for Plentymarkets

  • Facebook Pixel

    Facebook Pixel integration for plentymarkets 7 online stores.

  • Falling Snow

    This Plugin brings falling snow into your Webshop

  • Feed4Ceres

    Feed4Ceres conecta tu Instagram a tu Shop en Ceres

  • Free Shipping Bar

    Free Shipping Bar plugin for plentymarkets.

  • Google Maps Widget

    This is the Google Maps Widget for the Shop Builder developed by plentymarkets.

  • Google Tag Manager

    This plugin allows the shopowner deploy different kinds of scripts with using Google Tag Manager.

  • GoogleAnalytics

    Provides Google Analytics tracking for plentymarkets webshops

  • Item Questions

    Enhance Plentymarkets for Item Questions.

  • Magic Zoom Plus

    Engage your visitors and increase sales with this phenomenal image zoom!

  • Magic Zoom Plus (Trial)

    Engage your visitors and increase sales with this phenomenal image zoom!

  • Message Bar

    Message Bar plugin for plentymarkets.

  • 30-days free

    Multicontent-Widget is a section that can be used with text and images.

  • Popup-In-One

    Popup-In-One is the Conversion Booster of the traffic on your online shop or website.

  • PopUpPlanner

    Plugin for planning your PopUp-Ads in the Ceres webshop (Newsletter/ Content/ Altersverifikation)

  • Product wall widget

    This plugin adds a product wall widget to the Shop Builder

  • Protected Shops

    Plugin for the synchronization of the legal texts of protected shops

  • Quick Add

    Quickly add items to the shopping cart.

  • SEO Check Frontend Tool

    This plugin allows the shopowner to analyze his webshop right in the frontend for SEO optimization.

  • Shop Advantage Widget

    This plugin adds a Shop Advantage widget to the Shop Builder

  • Social Sharing Buttons

    Social Sharing Buttons plugin for plentymarkets.

  • SocialMedia

    Display social media buttons in the online store.

  • Storefinder

    Storefinder, with a short portrait of the stores (business hours, information from the stores, address, telephone number, etc.).

  • Testimonial Widget

    This is the Testimonial Widget for the Shop Builder developed by heista.

  • Trustami Reviews Badge

    Trustami plugin for PlentyMarkets 7. Trustami - One badge for all your customer reviews. Trustami collects, analyzes and presents a users’ distributed social media data in a standardized and user-friendly format to fill the need for trust in online interactions.Trustami enables users to collect ratings and reviews from 35+ networks and show a trust badge.

  • Trusted Shops Reviews Toolkit

    Shop reviews, product reviews, trustmark, Google stars... The Trusted Shops module is the best solution if you want to offer your customers security, generate more traffic and boost the conversion rate of your shop.

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